“Hatake” – Field for growing veggies☺


We have started growing veggies from each seeds in this year!


Now our almost all of veggies are getting flowers,

How they are making us impressed with “they were just tiny seeds” part as always!!


And one more,

We eat fresh greens salad every morning now from our garden,

I didn’t know that the veggies in supermarkets took already more than two days as minimum normally after harvest..!

So, I felt the fresh veggies just harvested were how different taste when I had it at some farmers home during wwoofing time, (we traveled as wwofers before by the way:) WWOOF JP (https://www.wwoofjapan.com/main/index.php?lang=en&Itemid=435) they have stronger taste and it’s of course so yummy..


Our village doesn’t have proper big supermarkets,

But, we can enjoy the “inconvenience”, taking some greens, veggies and herbs from our Hatake or garden and have it happily..;)